Refund & Cancellation Policy

Please read thisRefund & Cancellation Policy carefully before using this website

TechnoTronixs owns, operates, and maintains the website at WebToMob (“Site“) to provide and disseminate information about WebToMob and the services, and opportunities it provides.

TechnoTronixs reserves the right to refuse/cancel any order. TechnoTronixs at its sole discretion may cancel any order(s):

  1. If it suspects a fraudulent transaction, or
  2. If it suspects a customer has undertaken a transaction that is not in accordance with the Terms of Use or
  3. For any reason outside the control of the TechnoTronixs.

Refund / Cancellation policies are applicable in the following conditions:

Once the order is placed you can't request for Refund / Cancellation. For any query you can contact us @ [email protected]